Sunday, April 21, 2013

Movin' On Up!

The pictures in this post are all from this last week.  The turkey has become a regular and the deer come around usually at least once a day.  Sorry about the messy layout, I'm still trying to get some things figured out.

We got home from church today to find about an inch of snow piled up...and it continued to snow all day long.
He got caught under a chair (don't worry, I rescued him after taking a picture)
Mikey had a hard time recovering from getting his fingers smashed in a cabinet (his first injury).  My father-in-law decided to give him a taste of frosting....

He kept his lips locked tight and the frosting wound up as a mustache instead...he was still distraught

I mentioned in our January through March recap that Mike has a job at Sam's Club.  Not the most glamorous job for a recent graduate but there are far worse things out there at the same time.  He's been working there since the beginning of February and a lot of supervisors and managers have mentioned how awesome he is (finally people are getting a clue).  After taking a test, going through interviews, and having a very anxious wife, we found out on Tuesday that he got a promotion!  He went from being a cashier to being a cashier supervisor after working there for only 10 weeks!  That's just how awesome my hubby is (or it says a lot about the other people he works with, yikes).  Either way, I'm so proud of him.
Why be so excited about a career in a glorified warehouse!?  For those that don't know, we're saving up money for grad school.  Living with the in-laws is saving us hundreds of dollars a month already and this promotion gets Mike one step closer to being considered for a full-time position (i.e. more money. Go on, call me a gold digger...although at this point I'd be happy with some copper).  Hence, the excitement!
This last week the speech-language pathologist (SLP) that I've been working with, gave birth to her precious baby girl!  So I've started working a little early.  Working full-time, handling 15 credits, and spending as much time as possible with my family means I'll probably get behind on blog posts, but I still love you all!

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