Monday, May 20, 2013

Hair Rebellion

Every year or so I get this hankering to chop all my hair off. I'm pretty sure it's because I get so bored with long hair and I just don't have the patience to experiment (or the skills, frankly).  A few months ago, to feed my rebellion, I dyed my hair red.  I really thought this would help but alas I still feel like chopping it off!  I just love feeling the summer breeze run through my hair, cooling my scalp and volumizing it in magnificent ways.  I love having a few simple options when getting ready in the morning and only spending a few minutes doing it.  I just love it!  It's almost....liberating!
You might be thinking, "so then go chop it off!  Be free!" but I have only shared half of the story.  Every time I follow through with it I come home thinking, "it doesn't look like I wanted" or I wake up the next morning, "what have I done?" or the inevitable, "where's my hair!?" while in the shower.  Some of you may remember that the last time I cut my hair short, I looked a little too much like Justin Beiber.  I told the lady one thing and the followed through with another (I came out looking just like her, lesson learned).  But I've just gotta do something to feed this desire for hair rebellion!
This week I'll be dying it back to my natural color and making an attempt to get more creative.  With school out, work done, and a week long vacation with my awesome mother-in-law, grandmother-in-law, and sisters-in-law  I'll have more time and motivation to make an effort to do something with my long locks.  How will this feed my need for rebellion?  I've never dyed my hair at home before. :)
Do tell, how do you change up your hair?  Do you ever have this nagging need?  Am I alone in my rebellion?
p.s. here are some cuts that I just love, so tell me what you think.  I'll probably wind up chopping it off when we have another kid. Oh, and I'm totally open to suggestions!!  I love suggestions!


  1. Is this like your 5th new blog site, or is it just me? I can't keep up! I like your hair long :). I loved your hair when I threw you a bridal shower. I see those pics (Rosalyn's blessing) all the time and always think you look great. But I understand about the short hair hankering-- Elijah's always telling me he likes my hair short best, and eventually I'll probably go back eventually because my hair is so thin and just doesn't look great long. But yours looks great! So I'm biased -- I think anyone who can have long hair should :). Good luck!

  2. Haha, this is our 3rd new blog site. I know, I just hadn't found one that suited me but I'm really liking how user friendly this one is, especially now that I have a gmail account. I really appreciate your honesty! Mike is always reminded me of my impulsiveness and this is just another instance of that. I plan on holding out as long as possible and feeding my need for change in some other way. We'll see what happens