Friday, April 5, 2013

An Emett Family Update - January through March

Yay for finding a blog that is easy to use (and free, let's not forget the free part).  So here's the update for our family so far in 2013...

We came back from Christmas break to our new home in Montana.  Mike's parents have been absolutely generous in taking us in.  Mid-January my Grandma Wilson (my mom's mom) passed away.  I have so many wonderful childhood memories of Grandma.   The one thing I remember her telling me, when I was little, was about how important it was to her for all the cousins to know each other and be life-long friends.  I hope she knows that she instilled the importance of extended family relationships in all of us. 

Little Michael and I were able to fly down (by the grace of my in-laws) and go to the funeral.  To sum it up, I definitely would have regretted not going.  Mikey did awesome on his first plane ride (despite the negative vibes coming from all the anti-kids-on-planes people). 

While we were gone, Mike got a job at Golden Corral (woohoo?) and worked a few days until Sam's Club offered him a better job (cashier) with better pay (and a chance to become full-time), so he took it.  Needless to say, he's much happier now.

I turned 27!  We celebrated Valentine's Day by locking ourselves out of the house, eating frozen pizza and wings, and exchanging cards.melted!  Mike's parents got to celebrate by watching little Mikey so we could have some time alone.  By now I'm sure you're thinking, "wow, she has amazing in-laws" and you're right, I really have been truly blessed with amazing in-laws.  I couldn't have married into a more loving, accepting, accommodating family.  It has taken me time to really realize the extent to which they have welcomed me into their family and I'm just so grateful that I have been so blessed.
  Mike got me a card from him as well as a card from the little man with his hand traced inside!  My heart

Mid February we rearranged the furniture to accommodate our son who likes to roll everywhere.  While he was not yet crawling, he truly mastered the manly push-up.  People at church would comment on how strong he was.

Mike turned 26!  (yes, I am older than my husband)  Because of his work schedule we had to divide up the celebration over a period of three days (lucky guy).  On his actual birthday his mother and I were making his favorite dish (Lemon Chicken) when the power went out for 3 hours!  Luckily living in the Philippines has taught me how to cook without power and the lights came back on just before we sat down to eat.

We have a mobile baby!  Mid-March little Michael learned how to crawl!  It only took him a few days to get it down and now he goes everywhere and gets into everything.  His latest favorite is the laundry room (of course the only room without a door) and he has already figured out how to get someone's attention while in the bathroom.

I died my hair (dark) red.

I started working with a speech-language pathologist at a local elementary school.  She'll be on maternity leave for the last few weeks of school and I'll be filling in for her.  I have really enjoyed it so far and it has convinced me to continue pursuing my degree.  I'll be working with her again this month to prepare for the weeks that she'll be gone.

Baby's first Easter.  In my family it's kind of a long-held tradition that the "Easter Bunny" hides all the Easter baskets.  We hid Mikey's half under a blanket to spark his curiosity.  I filled some plastic eggs with Cheerios and he's still discovering Cheerios in some of those eggs.  It was fun and cute.  We tried getting some family pictures this month but as you can see it was tricky.

Spring is finally here in Montana!  The weather is in that awkward stage (some days are shorts and t-shirt weather and others are still down right chilly!) so we're anxious for consistently warm (anything above 60) weather.

We've met our pediatrician and she is awesome!  She gave us a little tip for raising not-so-picky eaters...variety.  If we feed him a variety of foods now (especially from what's on our plate) then his taste buds will get used to different flavors and be more accepting of them as he gets older.  Cool huh!


  1. So fun! Your family pictures are adorable! Who did them?!

    1. I actually did. I got a cheap little tri-pod for Easter so I had to set up the timer each time we took a shot. After a while I gave up.

    2. P.S. They were taken right outside our back door