Thursday, May 15, 2014

Exciting times!

So yes, it has been a while and yes, we have news! We have had a lot going on this past little while and are about to bring in some big changes. 

First the good news, I am officially done with the leveling courses I need to get into a Speech and Language Pathology program!  I've been working on these courses since little Michael was born so this is huge! The bad news, I didn't get into the program. Honestly, I'm not surprised considering they get 200-300 applications every year and only accept 16. Secondly, I only applied to one program because we didn't know at the time where we would be moving this fall.  This brings me to the next update...

We are moving to West Virginia!  Mike, unlike me, was accepted to the masters program at Marshall University and he will be starting this Fall. It was honestly my last pick but we know it is where we need to be, at least for the next two years. Now that we've made the decision and are starting to plan, it is becoming all too real. We've lived in Billings for almost a year and a half, the longest we've lived anywhere, and we have been absolutely spoiled by Mike's awesome, patient, and understanding parents. 

This will make the 5th state and 6th move in our 3 years of marriage so here's to hoping that everything goes smoothly. The hardest thing to plan out is where to live. So any advice or guidance in that realm would be AWESOME! The last two times we committed to a place without physically seeing it first left us a little surprised. 
More updates! My brother Brooks is officially getting married at the end of July!  We love his bride-to-be and are excited to welcome her to the family!  Another brother of mine, Fielding will be coming home from France in just about 8 weeks!  I'm so proud of the work he has done as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I'm stoked to see him again! (I just realized that every sentence in this paragraph ends with and exclamation mark.)
That's just about it. Now that I have more evening time on my hands (only three more weeks of work!) I'm hoping to make more updates and post some of the stuff we've been up to. Remember to leave us with some moving/home finding advice!!!

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