Friday, August 2, 2013

Such a LOSER!

It's been a while since I've updated you on my weight-loss journey and I'll tell you why...FAILURE!  That's what it's been, a complete an utter failure.  I keep telling myself, "this time I'm changing for real!" and I work my butt off to lose 5 pounds. Then I get lax aaaaand gain it all back.  Just call me the yo-yo.  I have honestly lost and gained the same 5 pounds at least 12 times, that's enough to make a small person!  I could have been over half-way to my ultimate goal weight by now! 

So, here's the good news.  After having the time of my life on an Alaskan cruise (and gaining 8lbs of savory food and sweet dessert) I decided not to join any more weightloss groups.  Just me, on my own.  I realized that I have to do this for me, not for a money prize, or to be the #1 loser for 2 months only to take a week or two off before the next round and wreck all my hard work.  I have to do it for ME.
The results... I've lost 11 pounds since the cruise.  Whew!  Ten of those pounds were in the last two weeks.  (insert "Wow" and "You go girl!")  To be honest, I only consciously changed one thing about my lifestyle but it had kind of a domino effect.  My goal was to drink 4 liters of water a day.  As I did this, I noticed a lot less snacking, naturally wanting smaller portions, less of a desire for junk food (it helped that I put crystal light into 2 of the liters), and *TMI ALERT* more regularity, if you know what I mean.  It's been awesome! 
I look forward to keeping up with my water intake.  I want to focus on it hardcore so it's written on my bladder and then I'll add the next step EXERCISE!!!

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  1. I love you! You are such a shining inspiration! Move to South Carolina so we can be neighbors! Pleeeeeeeaase???