Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Watch Out! There's a 1 year old in the hizouse!

Family Update Time!
That's right! Our little Mikey is ONE year old!  I'm going to be a typical parent and say it...he's growing so fast!  In the last year this little guy has shown us what an easy-going baby is like (aside from the first 2 months when he wouldn't let us put him down and had stomach issues).  He's still just as easy to travel with and really goes with the flow when it comes to, um, yea, pretty much everything.  He gets fussy when he's over-tired but that seriously seems to be the only thing that gets him cranky.  Yea, we're pretty lucky!  We tend to get comments, wherever we go, from strangers about what a good and cute little guy he is. We are the most spoiled parents!
For the little guy's
 birthday we had breakfast for dinner (pancakes, ham, sausage, bacon) and LOTS of fruit.  My goal was to get him trying some new things while allowing him to feed himself (which he loves to do)  This kid will eat just about anything and everything.  Often, right after feeding him, I'll get him out of his high chair and sit down with something to eat for myself.  Without fail, EVERY TIME, he will crawl to me, pull himself up, and start smacking his lips like he hasn't eaten all day.  He's more than willing to try anything up to three times and we have yet to find something he doesn't like.

A little bit about our 1 year old...
Michael James Scott Emett
-crawls like he's being chased all the time (even strangers at church comment on how fast he gets those legs and arms pumping)
-has 9 teeth with at least 2 more on the way
-just had his 2nd hair cut
-loves classical music (and Les Mis)
-enjoys sliding things across the floor (imagine him crawling with skates on his hands)
-is OCD about things being in their place (every day  he empties the movie cabinet, takes all the bottles out of the recycling bin, and always puts his pop-up animals in the down position...no matter how many times I pop them back up)
-pulls himself up with ease and is experimenting with balance
-loves to be upside-down, swung, tossed, and of course caught
-hide-and-seek is one of his favorite games

In other news...
Mike and I are exploring our graduate school options.  We will be applying this December - February so we're trying to whittle down our options.  I'll be pursuing a masters in Speech-Language Therapy online (and hopefully part-time) and Mike will be going for a Ph.D. in History. 
Mike is still working as a cashier supervisor at Sam's Club and I've got the summer off from school so I'm enjoying spending lots of time with the little one.  I'll start up my classes full-time again this Fall and I've also been asked to substitute for a speech pathologist aide for 6-9 weeks once school starts (part-time, thankfully!).  We're excited to be planning for the next big move and I love doing the research.

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